Yaheetech Duet Wooden Piano Bench Review

Yaheetech Duet Wooden Piano Bench Stool

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The Piano Dad’s Review

Many of the piano benches that are on the market today have the classical ‘button top’ design on the seat.

While this design looks luxurious and is a good fit for a more traditionally themed room, it doesn’t always suit more modern environments.

In addition, some people find that the buttons are uncomfortable to sit on.

This duet piano stool from Yaheetech has a smoother seat. This will appeal to those who dislike buttons or who want a more understated, sleek appearance.


An Affordable Duet Chair

This duet bench is a good choice for someone who is on a budget but still wants a robust and attractive duet chair.

I personally prefer this style to the more classical appearance of a button-top seat. Of course, that is a personal preference.

However, it is hard to deny that this is a well-made and comfortable bench.

Comfortable Seating Area With Storage

The sponge seat is thick enough to be very comfortable.

And, the MDF construction is more than up to the job.

If there’s one area where the bench is let down, it is the lid and the sheet music storage. The single hinge feels rather loose and could easily break under regular use.

If you are just planning on using the bench as seating, however, then the storage area can be overlooked easily.

Affordable With Nice Touches

Given the price, it is understandable that certain areas may be overlooked. Yaheetech has certainly covered the important parts.

The feet, for example, have rubber pads that help to protect your floor from scratches. This reduces the likelihood of scraping or screeching sounds when you sit down to play.

That’s a nice touch on a low cost model.

Easy to Assemble

This is shipped in pieces and you will need to screw the legs into the box.

This is normal for benches at this price point,though, and it is very easy to do. There are no tools required.

Some people experience difficulty getting the legs to line up on first assembly. But, this is not something that I noticed, and it is easy enough to fix if it does happen.

Review Summary

Yaheetech Duet Wooden Piano Bench – Review

The Piano Dad

Ease of Assembly
Included Features


“This is a great no-frills seat, at an affordable price, and it would look good in any home. The no-frills appearance may disappoint some, however.”
– The Piano Dad



  • Can accommodate up to 440 lbs
  • Smooth, comfortable sponge seat
  • Built-in sheet music storage under the seat
  • Affordably priced


  • The seat may be too low for some people
  • There is just one hinge on the storage section, so it may break easily
out of stock
as of December 1, 2022 1:10 am
Last updated on December 1, 2022 1:10 am

Final Thoughts

If you want a basic duet bench that is affordable, look closer at this one. It’s a well-made no-frills seat for those starting their piano playing. It would look good in most any home too.

The lack of features may disappoint some, however.

Do you have any experience with this piano bench? Leave your own review below!

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