Yamaha PKBB1 Adjustable Keyboard Bench Review

The Piano Dad’s Review One of Yamaha’s top selling piano benches, the PKBB1 is more of a stool really. It is smaller than a full-size bench. Because it is smaller though, it folds, is very lightweight, and is easy to take with you about anywhere. Firm But Comfortable Seat The … Read more

Greenpro Adjustable X-Style Piano Bench Review

The Piano Dad’s Review As you might appreciate, to get better at playing the piano or keyboard, you must practice hours on end. With that in mind, you need a very comfortable and stable piano bench. This is what the Greenpro Adjustable X-Style Piano Bench has been designed to be. … Read more

SONGMICS Adjustable Wooden Piano Bench Review

The Piano Dad’s Review If you an ardent piano player, you will appreciate why it is important to have a comfortable seat while playing. The last thing you want is your body getting sore while in the middle of the session. This piano bench has been designed and manufactured to … Read more

SONGMICS Padded Wooden Piano Bench Review

The Piano Dad’s Review It’s hard to find a good quality, padded piano bench that also looks great! As the old refrain goes, “they don’t make them like they used to”. Well, most furniture makers don’t, but SONGMICS have done a great job with this particular padded piano bench. This … Read more

Yaheetech Duet Piano Bench with Storage Review

The Piano Dad’s Review This duet piano bench from Yaheetech is almost 30 inches long which is more than long enough to accommodate two people comfortably. This bench features a classic black, glossy finish with a faux leather upper, which will match with almost any decor. It can blend in … Read more

Yaheetech Adjustable Piano Bench Review

The Piano Dad’s Review As the father of a smaller musician, I find that most benches will suit her if I have a footrest on hand. But taller players are not so lucky and often find themselves feeling like those entry-level piano benches are classroom chairs in kindergarten to them. … Read more

Bonnlo Wooden Duet Piano Bench

The Piano Dad’s Review There are many low-cost piano benches on the market today and it can be hard to be sure which ones are worth the money. This particular bench is most definitely at the budget end of the market but it looks and feels like a much higher-priced … Read more