SONGMICS Duet Piano Bench Review

SONGMICS Wooden Duet Piano Bench with Padded Cushion and Music Storage Black ULPB75BK

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The Piano Dad’s Review

SONGMICS manufactures an array of home furniture that emphasizes qualities like comfort, style, and functionality.

They understand that every aspect of playing the piano can be considered a piece of art. Not only the music itself but the piano and even the piano bench.

This wooden duet bench from SONGMICS really emphasizes this point. It looks stylish, it’s very sturdy, it’s comfortable, and it even has built-in storage.


Excellent Comfort

Piano benches have a bad reputation for being uncomfortable.

Some people even believe that a less-comfortable bench is better because there is less padding to interfere with their playing.

It’s true that finding the right size and density when padding a piano bench is difficult. SONGMICS has somehow managed to find the perfect combination. It’s a high-density foam that’s very comfortable without being so thick that it interferes with playing.

Easy to Clean

On top of the high-density foam is a faux leather cover.

Faux leather has many advantages. It looks sleek and modern without requiring a significant amount of maintenance. It can last for many years thanks to its resistance to water, stains, and normal wear and tear.

Cleaning it is as simple as wiping it off with a damp cloth.

Built-In Storage

Perhaps the best feature is located beneath the padded cushion.

This wooden duet bench from SONGMICS includes a built-in storage compartment that is perfect for storing sheets of music or other small instruments. The storage compartment is completely hidden until you need to use it.

You simply stand up and flip up the seat like a lid. A locking mechanism will hold the lid open until manually disengaged.

You’ll need to be careful not to pinch your finger though. Watch the little ones!

Better Than Average Quality

The overall construction quality of the bench is good too!

It uses a strong birch wood that can support nearly 400 pounds and provides a great deal of stability. On the bottom of each leg is a rubber pad that will prevent the wood from scratching the surface of the floor.

Unfortunately, the quality of the metal components is not as great. The screws can be easily stripped if too much force is used during assembly. The screws near the storage latch can also be damaged when opening or closing the compartment.

Review Summary

SONGMICS Duet Piano Bench (ULPB75BK)

The Piano Dad

Ease of Assembly
Included Features


“This wooden duet bench from SONGMICS is comfortable, durable, and provides some functionality beyond what I expected. It should last a long time as long as you are careful when working with the metal components.”
– The Piano Dad



  • Strong birch wood frame can support up to 396 pounds
  • The storage compartment is perfect for music sheets
  • The cushion is comfortable without being too thick
  • The faux leather cover is long-lasting and easy to maintain
  • Assembly is fast and simple


  • Metal screws are easily damaged during assembly
  • The locking mechanism can easily pinch your finger

Final Thoughts

This wooden duet bench from SONGMICS echoes the same qualities that the company is known for. It’s comfortable, durable, and provides some functionality beyond what is expected. It should last a long time as long as you are careful when working with the metal components.

Do you have any experience with this piano bench? Leave your own review below!

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