woman looking bored leaning on her piano

3 Techniques You Can Use To Make Piano Practice Fun

Growing up, my parents didn’t care much about making piano practice fun. Learning the piano basically became a daily chore. Unfortunately, I’m not nearly as good at playing the piano as I could have been if I had taken a serious interest and kept up with my lessons. I stopped … Read more

smiling child about to practice his piano

How to Motivate Your Child to Practice the Piano

Learning to play a musical instrument is something that every child should do. As a child gets good at playing music, they develop other skills as well, including coordination and dexterity, focus, timing, and patience. Even the National Institutes of Health backs up that statement. They learn that discipline pays … Read more

man playing piano and girlfriend covering ears

Can You Learn to Play Piano by Ear?

I am not fortunate enough to have the ability to play piano by ear. But there are many people who possess this skill. It’s a skill I am trying to learn. While you may come across the extremely rare prodigy that can do this with ease, it is not a … Read more

woman with long nails playing piano

Can You Play Piano With Long Nails?

The short answer to this is a resounding “yes.” There are no strict rules in place that require someone to cut their nails very short in order to play. But there are some differences that exist when pianos are used by people with varying nail lengths. Gender One reason that … Read more