Bonnlo Traditional Wooden Piano Bench Review

The Piano Dad’s Review Bonnlo continues to surprise me with their piano benches. They have benches for almost every scenario and in a multitude of styles. They have adjustable benches, benches with storage compartments, and traditional benches. Meanwhile, their benches are some of the most competitively priced on the market. … Read more

Adjustable Duet Piano Bench Review (CPS Imports)

The Piano Dad’s Review Most adjustable piano benches are designed smaller than their non-adjustable counterparts. The mechanism that controls the height isn’t often strong enough to handle as much weight as the standard bench. That can make it difficult to find a heavy duty bench for a larger adult. And … Read more

pug laying on a piano bench

A Few Alternatives To The Traditional Piano Bench

Many old fashioned experts claim that the traditional unpadded piano bench is the best way to stay seated when playing the piano. After all, it’s what they were sitting on when they learned to play piano and it’s what their teachers were sitting on as well. But just because something … Read more