Genuine Leather Concert Piano Bench Review (CPS Imports)

The Piano Dad’s Review What does it take to create a great piano bench? The immediate qualities that come to mind are durability, sturdiness, and comfort. Having a few extra features like an option for adjustable height or internal storage isn’t mandatory, but it does help. This ebony leather piano … Read more

RockJam KB100 Keyboard Bench Review

The Piano Dad’s Review The RockJam KB100 is a folding and comfortable keyboard bench. The bench is strong. Plus, the seat is large and well padded, to allow for maximum comfort even when playing for extended periods of time. It is also height adjustable with four positions to choose from. … Read more

Walnut Wood Top Grand Piano Bench Review (CPS Imports)

The Piano Dad’s Review If you look at most mid-range piano benches on the market today, they are made from MDF with a foam seat covered in faux leather. They are designed for sitting comfort and some of them look quite appealing too.  However, they have a certain modern and … Read more

Polar Aurora Adjustable Leather Piano Bench Review

The Piano Dad’s Review Traditional two person adjustable piano benches have one flaw; both pianists have to seat at the same level. Whether you are two adults playing a duet or a piano teacher teaching their student, typically, you have to seat at the same height regardless of the discomfort. … Read more

Casio Arbench Keyboard Stool Review

The Piano Dad’s Review Founded in 1946, Casio is an electronics manufacturing company that is known around the world. They were credited with selling the first fully compact electric calculator in 1957. During the 1980’s they began manufacturing electronic instruments, including keyboards, pianos, and guitars. To this day, you’ll have … Read more

Yamaha BB1 Piano Bench Review

The Piano Dad’s Review When people think of Yamaha they often picture motorcycles, vehicles, and power tools. It’s easy to forget that Yamaha began as a manufacturer of musical instruments. Even today, their musical products are considered some of the best in the market. Yamaha honors their musical origins by … Read more

Bonnlo Adjustable Piano Bench Review

The Piano Dad’s Review Bonnlo has managed to do something that a lot of piano bench manufacturers fail at. They have created a fully adjustable bench that still has the look and feel of a classic piano bench. You can comfortably sit this in front of your antique piano and … Read more