Bonnlo Traditional Wooden Piano Bench Review

Bonnlo Wooden Piano Bench Keyboard Seat

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The Piano Dad’s Review

Bonnlo continues to surprise me with their piano benches.

They have benches for almost every scenario and in a multitude of styles. They have adjustable benches, benches with storage compartments, and traditional benches.

Meanwhile, their benches are some of the most competitively priced on the market. They have mastered the art of manufacturing high-quality products in an affordable price range.

This traditional wooden piano bench is no different.


Simple and Comfortable

This wooden bench from Bonnlo focuses on comfort and simplicity.

It doesn’t have an adjustable height which some of you will want. The good news is that Bonnlo manufacturers some really great adjustable benches too if that’s what you prefer.

Having a non-adjustable bench does have some advantages. A non-adjustable bench like this is typically larger than most adjustable benches. It’s sturdy and it can hold more weight. And they often cost less.

Bonnlo is well known for their comfortable cushions. This particular bench doesn’t feature the extra-thick cushioning that some of the other benches do but it’s still very comfortable nonetheless. It’s a high resilient cushion with PU leather padding and specialized textures.

Not only is comfortable, but it looks great and makes an excellent piece of home decor.

Largest Storage Compartment in the Price Range

Beneath the seat is a large storage compartment. Another advantage of having a non-adjustable bench is that the storage compartment has more room.

This storage compartment has a depth of around 2.3 inches. That’s nearly an inch more than their adjustable bench. This extra depth allows you to store more items, such as books, small instruments, and accessories.

This bench does suffer from one small flaw that many other Bonnlo benches also have. The storage compartment is held open with a metal locking mechanism.

The metal itself is not very durable and the hinge can pinch your fingers when you are trying to close it. Many people choose to remove the locking mechanism and simply hold open the lid when they are using the storage compartment. Watch this with children.

Review Summary

Bonnlo Traditional Piano Bench

The Piano Dad

Ease of Assembly
Included Features


“This standard piano bench from Bonnlo would be a great investment. It’s made from solid wood, is very sturdy and looks great. The storage compartment is large and the cushions are comfortable.”
– The Piano Dad



  • Classic design works well with any home decor
  • Cushioning is very comfortable
  • The deep storage compartment can store additional instruments or accessories
  • Solid wood frame can hold up to 300 pounds


  • The locking mechanism on the storage compartment can pinch your fingers

Final Thoughts

If you know exactly what height is right for you, then there’s no need to invest in an adjustable bench.

This standard wooden piano bench from Bonnlo would be a great investment. It’s made from solid wood and is very sturdy. The storage compartment is large and the cushions are comfortable.

What’s not to like?

Do you have any experience with this piano bench? Leave your own review below!

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