Adjustable Duet Piano Bench Review (CPS Imports)

Adjustable Deluxe Duet Artist Piano Bench Stool

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The Piano Dad’s Review

Most adjustable piano benches are designed smaller than their non-adjustable counterparts.

The mechanism that controls the height isn’t often strong enough to handle as much weight as the standard bench. That can make it difficult to find a heavy duty bench for a larger adult. And it’s very rare that you find an adjustable bench that can seat two people differently.

The adjustable deluxe duet piano bench completely defies all of these stereotypes.


An Adjustable Bench For Two

This adjustable bench is designed specifically for two people. It has two fairly comfortable cushions with a soft leather padding.

The best part is that each of the cushions is adjustable and independent from the other.

That means one person can adjust to their preferred height without affecting whoever is playing beside them.

It seems like a great idea for a man and wife who like to play the piano together but are very different in terms of size.

Or, a teacher with students of all different heights would benefit too.

Large Adjustable Bench

It is easily one of the largest adjustable benches that I’ve seen.

It is 39 inches long and has an adjustable height that ranges from 19 inches to 21 inches.

The independent height mechanisms are controlled by knobs on either side of the bench. The adjustable range is fairly small, but it’s enough to accommodate most adults.

However, you may have trouble if you are very short or your piano is at an odd height.

Quality Built

The construction of the bench is superb.

It relies on 100 percent solid hardwood to support the weight of two people.

The adjustable height mechanism is also designed from heavy-duty materials. You can feel free to adjust it regularly without worrying about wearing down the components or damaging the gears.

The bench does lack a storage compartment. Considering the price tag, it would have been great if they had managed to include some type of storage capability.

Review Summary

Adjustable Duet Piano Bench by CPS Imports

The Piano Dad

Ease of Assembly
Included Features


“This bench may lack storage capability, but it makes up for it with its dual adjustable height mechanisms. It’s a great piano bench for duet pianists who both want to be comfortable or piano teachers with small students.”
– The Piano Dad



  • Easy assembly only requires attaching the legs
  • Two seats with independently adjustable height mechanisms
  • 100 percent solid wood frame can support a lot of weight
  • The high gloss finish on the legs and frame looks great


  • The adjustable height only ranges from 19 to 21 inches
  • No storage compartment
  • One of the more expensive piano benches on the market

Final Thoughts

This bench may lack storage capability, but it makes up for it with its dual adjustable height mechanisms.

It’s a great piano bench for a married couple who wants to play together and be comfortable while doing so. Piano teachers will also love the dual adjustments of this bench.

Do you have any experience with this piano bench? Leave your own review below!

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