About The Piano Dad

Welcome to DadsPianoGuide.com! I hope you find the information here helpful. Here is more information about me and why I created this site.

My Piano History

My piano playing history is probably similar to many adults. I took piano lessons as a child because my parents “made me.” I didn’t think it was cool at all. I even remember going out of my way to keep people from knowing that I took piano lessons.

About a year after starting lessons, we had an ill relative move in with us. The room they stayed in was the same room we had our piano in. So, practice time was limited. Eventually, the lessons went by the wayside.

At first I was happy about this. But, I soon missed it and realized I enjoyed it.

Music Was Always Part of My Life

Even though the piano lessons were over, music has always been part of my life one way or the other. I took guitar lessons through most of middle school. I sang in the school choir. In high school, I was in our state champion show choir. And, all along this way, I was singing in the church choir and even doing occasional solos.

“The Beast” – the free hand-me-down piano I got for my daughter and me when I started lessons.

Playing Piano as an Adult

Fast forward 30 years, and now I have kids (and grandkids!) of my own. While my oldest daughters were never interested in music, my youngest daughter has studied piano for about 3 years now. Her mother isn’t musical at all. So, because I can read music, I have helped her some during her lessons.

As I helped her, I realized that I missed music and really enjoyed it again. So, last year, I began taking lessons with her every week! I like that it gives us something to do together. Often, it’s hard to find similar interests with kids today.

Of course, she’s like most kids. She has days she doesn’t want to practice. Sometime she wants to quit. I just try to keep her motivated.

Creating a New Resource

So, after playing “The Beast” above for a year, I found myself want a new- and better – piano. I decided to look at digital pianos since they are smaller, lighter, and more portable.

I began my research on the internet like most people do. I was honestly disappointed in the information I found. Sure, there were a few good sites out there that were helpful. But many weren’t.

It seemed that many of the articles on the sites were written by people who have never touched a piano. I could tell from the terminology they used and they way they described parts of the pianos that they did not actually play it.

So, I am creating this site to rectify some of that. It’s going to take a lot of time to get it up and running. So, I hope you’ll be patient!

Questions and Suggestions

If you have any specific questions, please contact me on the form below. I also welcome any article suggestions you may have too!